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Northwest Territories Australia 2014

We love the fact that our child with a chlorine allergy can now enjoy swimming in our Eco-Smarte chemical-free plunge pool at our home in Australia! 

Maureen & Paul Heron



Noel Graham

I have recently installed an ECOsmarte swimming pool system for my pool. I’ve installed it myself which did not pose any problems. I’ve also taken advantage of the occasion to clean my pool filter and changed the filter media from sand to Zeolite, which is supposed to have better filtration qualities. 

I’ve been enjoying my pool since then. The water looks crystal clear, so much so that I actually tasted it. It tastes good and I’ve noticed that the local wildlife like kookaburras and kingfishers jumps in there as well to take a bath every now and then. This did not happen while I had my old salt chlorinated pool. I’ve invited quite a few friends over to swim in the pool and they’ve all remarked on the softness of the water on their skin and the absence of stinging of the eyes. A little bit of algae growth on the west side of my pool has disappeared after the first day as well. 

Maintenance means that I have to keep the parameters (pH, copper and calcium) within the boundaries, but that doesn’t take up much time, a weekly test does the job and depending on the results I might have to adjust them a bit. The pump has to run for only 3 hours compared to the 8 to 10 hours I was used to.  



Testimonial on the use of the ECOsmarte pool system
by Edgar Haring

My first contact with the ECOsmarte products and technologies has been on the Cairns Tradeshow when I walked into the ECOsmarte-booth. What initially attracted me was the combination of technologies, the copper ionisation and platinum oxidation. In my youth in Germany the old people used to wear copper bands around their arms for protection against illnesses and I had heard about research being done in Germany about the beneficial effects of the same principles.

So I acquired a Turbo pool system for my swimming pool. Up till now I used to have a salt water pool but really did not like the effect of the chlorine in the water.

I’ve put in the system myself, a breeze to install and switched it on. One of the problems I had with my old setup was a bit of green algae on the waterfall above the pool. To test the effectiveness of this system I plugged the overflow of my pool, filled the pool to the maximum waterlevel and waited for the algae to become visible. I then turned the system to ionisation for 4 hours and watched the algae disappear in almost the same time. The next day there was no trace of any algae whatsoever which to me proved beyond any doubt that the system actually works. Since then I have crystal clear water in my pool, very nice to swim in.           

Edgar Haring
FNQ, Australia


Shop 6, 19 Coondoo Str
Kuranda Qld 4872

Dear Sir,

We recently installed an ECOsmarte water treatment system on our swimming pool at Kewarra Beach, just north of Cairns in far north Queensland. 

Tropical conditions in our area place significant stress on any water treatment system, but we greatly prefer to swim in water that does not contain chlorine or salt – both having their place, but that’s definitely not in our pool or on us! In particular, we don’t like swimming in chlorinated water, as the unpleasant chlorine odour tends to linger long after the swim. How can that be good for you ? 

Previously, we had an ionising water treatment system for our pool, but it required periodic “shock” treatment to remove developing algae, particularly during summer. 

ECOsmarte requires no sanitation chemicals. That’s what appealed to us. Of course there is the routine check for water pH “balance”- but that’s a sensible job required with every pool, to ensure an effective and healthy operating system. 

With ECOsmarte, our pool water is good enough to drink – in fact, we’ve tried it. So, too, have the local birdlife, and we now have daily visits from kingfishers, kookaburras and many more. 

The ECOsmarte water purification system on our pool has so impressed us, that we have now installed one on our home water supply. We’re enjoying the difference, with crystal clear, chemical free water that tastes like – real water. 


Allan & Cynthia

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