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Malaga, Spain 2013

Arragone Spain Testimonial


Arragone, Spain

The Ecosmarte system keeps the animals safe from coliform and Ecoli bacteria since 2003.

Sergio Zaragoza

Arragone Spain Testimonial


Madrid, Spain

My husband and I recently purchased your ECOsmarte Turbo Pool System and we are truly pleased with it.

We are amazed at the clarity of the water, how soft our skin is after exiting the pool, and the lack of odor. Our skin no longer feels itchy or dry, and our bodies do not smell of chemicals, such as chlorine. Several of our friends have chlorine sensitivities and were not able to enjoy our pool during summer gatherings. They now are able to enjoy the water without reactions and have further commented on how the water feels light and soft.

We look forward to enjoying the rest of this summer being chemical, chlorine, free!



Nerja, Spain

I am writing to tell you and everyone at ECOsmarte how much I enjoy your product.

Having a chlorine-free pool is amazing. I can backwash the pool and let the water go on the garden without having to worry about the chlorine killing the grass. I have a fiberglass pool and with your system maintenance is almost nothing. Everyone that I know that has had a pool without your system hates all the work of adding chlorine. I have had three other friends get your system for their pools after swimming in mine.



Cordoba, Spain

I installed the ECOsmarte system in less than an hour.

From the day it was installed our pool has been crystal clear with virtually no chemical additives. I added one gallon of muriatic acid to adjust the pH and since that time I haven't added anything to the pool. Our pool is so clear and chemical free, our two children almost refuse to swim in our friends pools that are chlorinated. They hate the smell and what chlorinated water does to their hair. I estimate that the ECOsmarte system will save me over  600 a season in chemicals and reduce my pumping time by 50%.

I don't understand why every swimming pool does not come equipped with the ECOsmarte system when the pool is installed. It is one of the best investments I have ever made.



Mar Menor, Spain

I have been very pleased with our Ecosmarte over the 2 Years that I have happily owned it.

It has benefited us in many ways. I think you could say the money part of the deal is best of all, we spend very little money on it yearly. This in return gives us more money to do the things we love like going on holiday. Speaking of which, when we are gone for weeks at a time we don't have to worry about our pool. We also like the idea that there's no chemicals , and this means no dry, itchy skin, no burning red eyes, and no smell.

It is also a very heathy way to swim. As I'm sure you know chlorine is a cancer causing chemical.

Paul and Mary
Mar Menor


Mijas, Spain

I have really enjoyed having the ECOsmarte system.

It really is nice not to have to worry about chemicals! I stopped by the pool store today and overheard several customers talking about how much work they had to do in order to get their water right for swimming. I just laughed and told them mine had been clean all winter without much effort.

Hopefully, they'll wake up and buy a ECOsmarte system and be worry free.



Alicante, Spain

We just LOVE your system for our pool! We have a fairly new liner & it is staying the pretty color that it is & not bleaching out from chemicals. My wife is extremely allergic to some chemicals & this prevents her from swimming in a lot of pools. With your system there is no problem. It is easy to maintain. We can go away and we don't have to worry about our pool turning bad.


Bill and Linda



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