pH Down Without Chemicals

Programmable Controller with automated PH feed and pool pump control.

Carbon Dioxide pH Control System
ECOsmarte Planet Friendly Inc.


Mount the system securely to a standard high pressure Carbon Dioxide cylinder. Attach the power cord to a 110V outlet in your timer or hard wired (DC Voltage) to the ECOsmarte Upgraded Controller. PVC injector check valve chamber should be plumbed into the return line in appropriate location as determined by installer and connected to the system with 3/8" flexible tubing included. The high pressure CO2 cylinders can be filled at any welding shop or microbrewery. We recommend a minimum tank size of 20lbs, refillable for $12.00 or less.

Operation and Maintenance

The flow rate has been preset to meet maximum demand for CO2 pH control. The controller shall actuate the flow control solenoid valve to provide pH correction as determined by our factory preset proportional feed control logic. Maintenance of the flow control unit is minimal, normal care in cleaning is advised. Field information and research indicates that it is impossible to achieve a pH below 6.7, so choose 10 minutes per day to begin. Ranges are typically 1 to 15 minutes depending on pool size and source water. Increase or decrease time as phenol red pH test dictate.

The CO2 time will need to be adjusted to minimize cost of tank refills. The field experience indicates no need for pH sensors and their calibration and maintenance requirements. Customers should test twice weekly for the first 30 days.