If you cannot afford or justify an ECOsmarte® Natural Oxygen Pool System, we offer:

Pool Chemical Reduction Tips
1 Consider a DIATOMACEOUS EARTH filter or replacing sand with our Glass Media.
2 Consider Glass Pack™ replacement filter media for your sand filter, which will fine filter and get your microns of filtration below 5. A must for indoor pool owners.
3 Use TSP (trisodium phosphate) mixed with pool water and muriatic acid to clear your cartridge filter more effectively. Use a trash can or trash bag to get 15 minutes soaking time (twice yearly).
4 Own an automatic vacuum, preferably suction side or robotic.
5 Replace your pool water if TDS (total dissolved solids) reaches 2000 or your cyanide level exceeds 80 (cyaniuric acid/stabilizer).
6 Assist your sand filter with muriatic acid once per year. Soak the sand overnight with one gallon once per year.
7 Change sand every four seasons, maximum without exception, and change cartridges every year.
8 Run your pH at 7.2 instead of the 7.6 or 7.8 high end range pool professionals deem acceptable. Most algae thrive in higher pHs and warmer water.
9 Use Borax to prevent of recurrence of iron stains or spots, often caused by chlorine, salts, and high pH.
10 Run your pump and filter during sunlight hours as algae don't eat at night. Use algaecide only in daylight since the algae must eat the poison.

ECOsmarte® Planet Friendly:
Reducing the Need for the Use of Chlorine.

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