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Glass PackĀ® is a product of EcoSmarte
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Waterwalls, Waterfalls and Ponds

Whether your property has a waterwall, waterfall or a pond that includes fish and or a watergarden, ECOsmarter's natural oxygen system will keep your water features free of algae (including string algae), all while eliminating scale on the natural rock, or murkey water. It is recommended you select our fully automated system with carbon dioxide control and with a glasspack filter we can reduce time to eleven minutes once per week for you or your service personnel (twice per week with fish, can be done with feeding).

Filtered water for waterwalls
The Millenium Center
In Orlando, FL uses
ECOsmarte's Automated

Athen's Olimpic Lake, water treated by ECOsmarte systems
Watch The Opening Ceremony Video
For The 2004 Games

ECOsmarte sold 6 copper/oxygen systems
to treat the 2 million gallon Athen's Olympic Lake.
This was a "retail" sale through retired
Greek General Anthony Sarantopolis.

ECOsmarte, Filtered Water in Water Wall, Tiger Sushi Bar, Mall of America ECOsmarte, Fish Pond with Filtered Water

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    Glass PackĀ® is a product of EcoSmarte