2009 Natural Swimming Pond

Indianapolis Home Show

David Willis of DRW Construction in Indianapolis showed the world how to build a chemical-free natural swimming pond complete with KOI Goldfish and Ecosmarte's sterilized, recycled glass filtration. This config could be powered by the sun using Ecosmarte's Grid Tie Solar making it eligible for 30 per cent Federal Tax credit (To $15,000), Public Utility Rebate in many states($8000 to $20,000 payable to the buyer upfront ) and in some cities like Austin Texas or the City of Riverside, CA the project will not only be powered by the sun, it will operate on one half the water, use American recycled Glass in the filter platform and be 80 per cent subsidized at a minimum. The bonus is the entire house can run "grid neutral", vitually eliminating the electric bill and ensuring renewable, clean energy for 25 years under the solar panel warranty. Your utility furnishes a reverse spin meter for nightime use.

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ECOsmarte's NEXT GEN uses no regular chemical, operates on 1/2 the water and powers itself and the pond with power from the sun.


If you would like to consider a project Ecosmarte has market leaders in many states and you can recieve the cell phone contact for the builder through our 1-800-ION-SWIM toll free support line. We have time available in MN, NY, NJ, MA, IL, SD, CA, CO, TX, KS, IA, VA, NC, WA, MO and AZ in addition to Indiana. Our product specialists have a catalog of solar subsidies by state. Consider this your personal stimulous package.

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