ECOsmarte Case Studies

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Better Results for Growers with Less Water

Wetter water consistently yields better results with less water used. High oxygenation, better seed germination. Ideal increased oxygen level for marijuana.

Preventing Scale and Bacteria

NASA inspiring technology combines ionization and hydrogen peroxide. Out performs "scale control" media. No salt water softening.

KOI Fish and Ponds

Eliminate ammonia and nitrates to get more pounds per gallon of fish—and clear water. Aquaculture, crawfish and Tilapia growing.

Lake Straining Water

Residual bacteria control for backup water sources. Ocean straining too, when wells go dry or non-potable.

Controlling Bacteria and Mold

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Car Wash Reclamation

No odor, no algae on the walls. 1/3 the cost of ozone and inefficient bag filters.

Biofilm and Bacteria in Dental Tubing
Keep Operator Tubing Safe

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Biofilm and Bacteria

Legionella Prevention

ECOsmarte was the first device certified by the EU in
2004 for preventing legionella. Grocery stores, hotels and hospitals - full facility approached.

Eliminating Chloramines in Public Pools

Ionization and hydrogen peroxide yield FREE CHLORINE equals TOTAL CHLORINE. Zero chloramines or ammonia.

Freshwater Yachts
Well Water Treatments
RV/Diesel pusher

Fill water and holding tank purification with NASA technology.

Irrigation water for Golf Courses
(to 5600GPM)

Wetter water yields 5-20% water and energy savings with better results

Source Water and Their Related ECOsmarte Treatment in Horticultural Applications

Oxygen in the water for hydroponic tomatoes and now emerging with medical marijuana growers

Recirculation of Cooling Water Including Chillers and Small Towers

Read More about preventing scale and reducing chloride discharge from softeners.

Bacteria Control In Residential Holding Tanks Keeping Water Crisp.

This benefit is ideal for multi-unit housing where water is delivered by truck or reserve fire water holding tanks.

Re-circulation of Wastewater to Reduce Water Usage.

Read more about raising dissolved oxygen levels affects BOD and COD.