City Water Testimonials

2019 - Brentwood, CA - Ten Plus Years

We moved into our new house in Brentwood (Los Angeles) in 2008. We were moving from Connecticut where we had deep well water (700 feet deep) that tasted as pure as anything sold as pure water. We were very concerned about using a municipal water system, especially in LA given many horror stories about quality and taste of LA water. We did our research and found out about EcoSmarte systems. The idea that we could have a whole house treatment system, with the capabilities of a municipal treatment system was almost too good to be believe. We gave it a shot, not only for the house water but also for our pool, especially as we did not want to use Salt or Chlorine in our pool or our house.

Ten years later, we are as ecstatic as we were when the system was first installed. Both systems have operated virtually maintenance free, with only one repair needed in 10 years of operation for both systems. The water tastes as great today as it did ten years ago. Showers are special as the water just feels great. You have to experience to "feel" the difference and there is never any smell of chlorine. Swimming in the pool is also a treat, as there is no smell, no stinging in the eyes, and a smoothness that is difficult to explain - it just feels clean.

If I were to move to a new house, anywhere, whether Los Angeles or any other part of the country, I would install an EcoSmarte system before I moved in.

Thank you,

Steve Scharkss
Brentwood, CA

2018 - Kawaihee, Hawaii

Our pool is always perfect and for the last three years we have been referring people to you. We love how easy it is to be CHEMICAL FREE. We also eliminated our salt water softener which makes us truly healthy and eco-friendly.

Kawaihee, Hawaii (Big Island)

Texas 2017

My partner and I live in El Paso County.   The water is ok but nothing compared to the  water from the Purity Bay water filtration system we purchased from your  company.  I have bottled water straight  from my sink.  No more having to buy  bottles which not only pollute our planet but cost a lot of money.  Also no more carrying those heavy and bulky 5  gallon containers to put on the water cooler which is a quite difficult task  might I add.

Not only am I drinking pure clean good tasting water but at  the same time I am saving a lot of shelf space in the fridge and pantry from  having to store bottled water and the 5 gallon containers (I had 6 of  them).  The fact that the water is super  clean it allows me to rinse all my fruits and vegetables straight of the sink  making every dollar that I spend on organic veggies worth it.

Everyone that has come into my kitchen has been served  delicious water from my sink and has loved it! I couldn’t be happier with the Reverse Osmosis in my kitchen.

We are also enjoying the water everywhere else in the  home.  Our product consumption has been  greatly reduced due to the fact that we no longer need to use so much shampoo,  conditioner, etc.  One small drop the  size of a dime will do.  I have really  long hair, so another savings here.

My French bulldog has skin allergies and we have to use  special shampoo which is rather expensive and I’ve noticed the consumption here  has been drastically reduced as well.

We are really happy with this financial investment we  made.   It’s one of those investments  that will last you a lifetime and those are rare.

Aside from purchasing the Purity Bay water filter system we  also purchased the Ecosmarte system for both our hot tub and swim spa and boy  let me tell you, if I thought the Purity Bay filter was the best investment  ever this completely doubles that.  It is  like swimming in bottled water.  It’s  like nothing I've ever experienced in my life.  I no longer have to be adding endless amounts of chlorine, shock, water  clear etc.  Actually I don’t have to add  nothing at all.  Just like that the water  stays SUPER clean and NO chemical smells what so ever. The amount of money I  will be saving here will pay for the Ecosmarte in no time.

I highly recommend the Ecosmarte system to any hot tub, swim  spa or pool owner.  This system gets 5  stars plus….  Overall we are one  happy-happy customer.   To anyone who  reads this I say, investing in cleaner water is the best decision you will make  in your life, your body is about 60% water and your skin is your largest organ,  therefore treating it with high quality water is the best thing you can do.

S. Marquez
El Paso, TX

Arizona - City Water

Since we are both getting older and it is hard for us to pick up heavy items, like bags of salt which are used in most water softeners, my husband and I were happy to discover that there is a water purification system available which does not require salt. Your unit is also very compact and fits easily into an unused corner of our garage.

We like ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry water purification system because there is a pleasant quality to the water which is not unlike water from a natural source. The purified water is free of taste of chlorine and other chemicals. we also need less soap when taking a shower or washing dishes or doing the laundry.

Leo and Hermine Philippe

Scottsdale, Az

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