"In the long run, it way pay for itself since we will no longer be buying bottled water"

- Brentwood, California 2019

"Ten years later, we are as ecstatic as we were when the system was first installed" 

- 2019, Brentwood CA 

"I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the performance of our Ecosmarte well water point of entry system" 

- Holland, MI 2017

"The convenience of its new technology (no heavy bags of salt to lug home!) has resulted in excellent tasting water with no odors or taste" 

- Texas, January 2013

"I am amazed at the sudden change in our water quality within the first day or two" 


"I cannot being to tell you how pleased I am with the system" 

- California, 2013

"I LOVE the system and all the clean water"

-2013 Binghamton NY Municipal Water

"Now we can sit back and enjoy both systems and help the environment!" 

-St. Catharines, Ontario, 2015

"An ECOsmarte whole-house well water point-of-entry (POE) filtration, softening (non-salt), and purification system is a must to ensure safe drinking water for my family and pets" 

- Cranberry, New Jersey 2019

"Clear as a glass of purified drinking water for five months until we Canadian had to cover her" 

- Toronto, Canada 2018

"We also ordered your chemical-free spa system. It will be nice to get out of the bromine." 

- Minnesota, February 2012

"Thank you for our wonderful water!" 

- Iowa, April 2013

"I don't just enjoy my ECOsmarte water; I love it!" 

- Missouri, 2013

"The ECOsmarte system greatly improves the taste and when combined with a water softener" 

- Michigan, 2013

"With your water softening, SALT-FREE system, I no longer have calcium deposits" 

- Missouri, 2013

"I would recommend this to my family and friends" 

- Oklahoma, 2015

"We are very happy with the system!!!!" 

- Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, 2016

"After installing the ECOsmarte Municipal Point-of- Entry Water System, we couldn't be more please with the results" 

- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2016