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How Does Our Technology Work?

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Copper and The Corona Virus
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Antimicrobial Properties of Copper

Virus and shower water
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Does Copper Kill Germs and Viruses?

Bacteria in a petri dish
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Copper and Corona-Virus

Corona-virus up close
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Get your family out of Toxic Chemicals.

Salt creates chlorine, which is harmful.

Get Out of Pools That Use Chemical Maintenance

The bleaching of hair, drying out of the skin, and burning of the eyes serve as clear indicators of the health and environmental risks associated with chemical water treatment methods.

Even salt chlorine generators pose risks, as they introduce unhealthy levels of sodium and chloride into your water. In fact, failing to deactivate a salt system promptly can result in chlorine levels exceeding 10ppm, double the legal limit in many US states for public pools.

Switching to an ECOsmarte® pool not only safeguards your family's health but also contributes to protecting our planet from the harmful effects of chemicals and chloride backwash.

Ecosmarte Chlorine-free swimming pool

Save Money

After installing an ECOsmarte® 100% Chlorine-Free System, you'll notice substantial savings on multiple fronts: reduced energy consumption, elimination of chemical expenses, and prevention of equipment damage caused by chemical erosion.Our system operates incredibly efficiently, consuming just 4 watts of power—a remarkable contrast to the 200-400 watts required by salt-to-chlorine, ozone, or UV systems.

ECOsmarte® stands out for its ability to sanitize your pool or spa without relying on chemicals. By incorporating ECOsmarte®'s CO2 pH down solution into your pool or spa system, you can bid farewell to the need for toxic chlorine, bromine, bacquacil, or acid.

Moreover, CO2 demonstrates the capability to buffer pH levels, even when faced with acid rains. If you've been grappling with pH increases in your pool, ECOsmarte® provides a comprehensive solution that eliminates them entirely.

Mirror water clarity on beautiful turquoise stone pool without chemicals
First time pool owner in Costa Rica
has no issues in first three years.

Breakthrough Technology. Simple and Effective.

ECOsmarte® takes a proven technology one step further, completely eliminating the need for chlorine or for regular chemical shocks.

ECOsmarte®'s technology is superior to chemical treatment and more effective than any other alternative methods available. We have become a market leader in agriculture and well water treatment using no salt or chemicals, as well as the leading developer for advanced pool purification products and rooftop cooling systems. We have developed carbon dioxide using aquarium industry principles to eliminate acid as a pH down.

ECOsmarte® creates active oxygen, measurable as dissolved oxygen in the main pool and ready to neutralize uric acid and suntan lotion. Conventional ionizers, UV and ozone systems create no residual oxidizers in the pool and require weekly or daily chlorine. Our copper system kills bacteria, virus and algae with a stable residual.

Ionizers containing silver create photographic stains with sunlight and introduce human and environmental toxins to pool water.

Read more about how ECOsmarte® compares to other treatment methods here.

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Our Products

Standard Chlorine Free and Salt Free Pool System


Standard Pool to 10,000 Gallons

You select "IONIZE" or "OXIDIZE." Generates low DC voltage amperage to electrodes. Unit remains in oxidize always, unless copper ppm falls below 0.4 ppm.

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Turbo Chlorine Free and Salt Free Pool System


Standard Turbo to 50,000 Gallons

You select "IONIZE" or "OXIDIZE." Generates low DC voltage amperage to electrodes. Unit remains in oxidize always, unless copper ppm falls below 0.4 ppm.

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Programmable Chlorine Free and Salt Free Pool System

Programmable System

Programmable Turbo to 50,000 Gallons*

Digital display to fully automate your ECOsmarte®Pool with CO²pH Control. *Higher daily bather loads require additional equipment. Installs to 75,000 gallons with extra cell.

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ECOsmarte® Features

No Regular Chemicals for your Swimming Pool or Spa

You will eliminate:

- Toxic Chemicals
- Health Hazards
- Offensive Chemical Odors
- Damage to the Environment
- Damage to Pool Equipment
- Concrete Damage From Salt
- Rust Marks in Your Pool
- Cyanuric Acid ("Conditioner")
- Green Water
- Cloudy Water

No Constant Introduction of Metals to Your Pool

You are always in the oxygen mode unless your water test tells you to flip a switch to ionize for one day. That means there is NO constant introduction of metal to your pool. NO silver to to cause stains. The titanium electrode (oxygen) is used 4-6 hours per day in pools. For spas the titanium is used whenever the pump is running. We do this automatically by programming the ozone output to power the ECOsmarte® system. A simple timer can also be used on older spas or wooden hot tubs.

Easy to Install

The ECOsmarte® chamber is very easy to install. It simply replaces 11 inches of PVC piping on the return line of your pool. ECOsmarte® is far easier to install compared to a salt pool system. An easier install along with lower voltage and several hundred pounds fewer of salt.

Automated CO2 pH Control System -- No Acid

Automated systems with CO2 pH control available for in-ground and above ground swimming pools as well as spas. No sensors are used, just our simple minutes per day system. A system that eliminates 90% of BOTH acid and pH up.

Three Year Limited Warranty: EXTENDED

ECOsmarte® guarantees the entire water system, which includes all of the tanks, electronics, flow switch, and media, is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, service, and conditions. All parts are F.O.B. factory.

ECOsmarte Cloud

We provide a free 24/7 Interactive Cloud Support. It is WIFI enabled for use on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

24/7 Interactive Cloud Support.

Explore the comprehensive support tools we have for all of our products. Learn more about our system through our videos, documents, and interactive support.

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