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Lake Straining Water as Part of a Redundant System for Potable Water

By: Mike Dewar

The lack of available water may have made the large acreage parcel available near Corpus Christie Texas a bargain when Terry Anderson envisioned his 5 acre lot development and retirement home, Anderson calls George West Texas home when not traveling the continent in his MCI Vision Coach converted diesel pusher or cruising the Mississippi in his 56 foot Skipperliner yacht.

“Anderson knew there were problems getting enough water from the well, cistern or catchment options and the adjacent reservoir to support even a 2 person residence. He created a four prong approach to solve these problems based on his experience as a successful problem solver and inventor.”

In addition to their primary well as a water source, the covenants on each 5 acre lakeshore lot required each owner to set up a lake strain slow sand filter using ECOsmarte’s Glass Pack filtration media, a residential well water treatment system to treat both the residential well water and the lake water, complete with bacteria and algae control in the required holding tanks.

As an early shareholder of ECOsmarte and a life long inventor, Anderson knew with this approach he could sustain the 5 acre residences (even with swimming pools) and went one step further. All black water was to be used for irrigation through an anaerobic system he developed for both his bus and the boat.

ECOsmarte has systems for those who have lake front property or those who live on the water.

“Only the dogs can tell which irrigation zones are black water, and which ones are reservoir water. The dogs prefer the treated black water.” Anderson mused.

The Anderson's do not generate enough grey water or black water to irrigate to the green grass standard from his days in Minnetonka, MN so they have allowed one irrigation zone and the auto fill on their pool to be supplied from their holding tanks, which come from either the well or the reservoir.

Based on Anderson's success a similar package was engineered for an upscale townhome group in Belize, and an RO system was added to desalinate the water in both the ocean source and the brine intruded well.

The Belize system draws first on the large cisterns, second on the 8,000 sodium level well and the ocean at 40,000 sodium as the final option. This strategy minimizes the RO operating cost.

House boat/ yacht

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Specifications

Operating Press. Max. 150 PSIG
Operating Temp. Max. 120° F
Tank listing and structural integrity requirements only

Proprietary composite material

100% Pure Copper


Input Voltage: 110to267 Volts, Specify
Output Voltage: 100 VA Class UL CSA
                     Compliance Power Supply
GPM: Each Unit 22 GPM to 200 GPM

Irrigation Systems May require more than one electronics package

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