"I don't just enjoy my ECOsmarte water; I love it." - Missouri, 2013

Dear ECOsmarte,

I don't just enjoy my ECOsmarte water; I love it.  I can't believe how much better everything at our home is.  I was spending $60.00 a month on Downy alone, just to try and hide the sulfur smell. Starting August 9th, we had to really watch how much laundry soap to use because on August 10th (my 44th birthday) my daughter, Adrian, and I had an "I Love Lucy" moment with the washing machine.  I put the usual amount of liquid laundry soap in the washer and we found the lid up on the washer from the soap suds pushing it up.  There were bubbles all over the utility room.  It was a joy to clean that up; no more hard water, no more sulfur smells and no more lime deposits, and I use our Whirlpool tub almost every day now.  Needless to say; we don't use very much soap anymore on anything.  I wouldn't take $10,000.00 for our ECOsmarte water system.P.S. I don't know what I would do without Andy and Lorna Williams from Pure Water Exchange. Andy has been away from his business a lot because I am such a hard sell, and I had so many questions.  Lorna has been patient and stayed at the office working while Andy was at our house setting backwash times and explaining things to me.  He researched for many hours for several weeks to find the right water system for us.  I trusted Andy because Pure Water is so important to him, and he knows water.  Once he found the right system for us, he talked me through it, he was very knowledgeable, patient, and professional.  He had to go over most things several times with me but now I understand more about pure water and ECOsmarte water systems than I ever thought I would.  Thanks again,

Nancy Ann Conner Wood

Neosho, Missouri