"I would owe you and ECOsmarte  a sincere thanks"

"I would owe you and ECOsmarte  a sincere thanks.

My story is that about 7 years ago I developed a reaction to bromine and chlorine, if I go swimming or use a hot tub it’s so bad I have to get a steroid shot.

So I have tried a few times to see if things changed and they did not. I asked many pool stores and hot tub places if anything else. Of course they said no. They make a lot of money selling chemicals. I have seen your ad, I believe on Facebook, and I started doing some research, read some great reviews and read some bad.

Took the plunge and purchased for my Florida home. I took a few days to get the water right as per your instructions.

Now the outcome,

I have had a hot tub every day sometimes twice in the last 8 days and I feel tremendous in every way. No rash almost clear water, little more tweaking to do, no smell to water, ECOsmarte has changed my life. Looking forward to this summer after I install one in my pool. I have 10 grandchildren that swim in our pool and I could never enjoy it with them."

My Heartfelt thanks,

David Tarzwell