"Ten years later, we are as ecstatic as we were when the system was first installed." - 2019, Brentwood, CA

We moved into our new house in Brentwood (Los Angeles) in 2008. We were moving from Connecticut where we had deep well water (700 feet deep) that tasted as pure as anything sold as pure water. We were very concerned about using a municipal water system, especially in LA given many horror stories about the quality and taste of LA water. We did our research and found out about ECOsmarte systems. The idea that we could have a whole house treatment system, with the capabilities of a municipal treatment system was almost too good to be believed. We gave it a shot, not only for the house water but also for our pool, especially as we did not want to use Salt or Chlorine in our pool or our house.

Ten years later, we are as ecstatic as we were when the system was first installed. Both systems have operated virtually maintenance-free, with only one repair needed in 10 years of operation for both systems. The water tastes as great today as it did ten years ago. Showers are special as the water just feels great. You have to experience to "feel" the difference and there is never any smell of chlorine. Swimming in the pool is also a treat, as there is no smell, no stinging in the eyes, and a smoothness that is difficult to explain - it just feels clean.

If I were to move to a new house, anywhere, whether Los Angeles or any other part of the country, I would install an ECOsmarte system before I moved in.

Thank you,

Steve Scharkss

Brentwood, CA