USA Pool Testimonials

2019 - Brentwood, CA - Ten Plus Years

We moved into our new house in Brentwood (Los Angeles) in 2008. We were moving from Connecticut where we had deep well water (700 feet deep) that tasted as pure as anything sold as pure water. We were very concerned about using a municipal water system, especially in LA given many horror stories about quality and taste of LA water. We did our research and found out about EcoSmarte systems. The idea that we could have a whole house treatment system, with the capabilities of a municipal treatment system was almost too good to be believe. We gave it a shot, not only for the house water but also for our pool, especially as we did not want to use Salt or Chlorine in our pool or our house.

Ten years later, we are as ecstatic as we were when the system was first installed. Both systems have operated virtually maintenance free, with only one repair needed in 10 years of operation for both systems. The water tastes as great today as it did ten years ago. Showers are special as the water just feels great. You have to experience to "feel" the difference and there is never any smell of chlorine. Swimming in the pool is also a treat, as there is no smell, no stinging in the eyes, and a smoothness that is difficult to explain - it just feels clean.

If I were to move to a new house, anywhere, whether Los Angeles or any other part of the country, I would install an EcoSmarte system before I moved in.

Thank you,

Steve Scharkss
Brentwood, CA

2018 - Kawaihee, Hawaii

Our pool is always perfect and for the last three years we have been referring people to you. We love how easy it is to be CHEMICAL FREE. We also eliminated our salt water softener which makes us truly healthy and eco-friendly.

Kawaihee, Hawaii (Big Island)

Arizona Pool

... As a side note, my ECOsmarte has been installed in my pool since 1997 and continues to work with great satisfaction. Best decision we ever made in installing this system. We love our chlorine free pool!

Very Best,

Walter Kozlov
Oro Valley, AZ

Roanoke, VA - 2018

Dear ECOsmarte,

Your system has served my pool well this year. The system was installed in October of 2004, and
when I opened the pool in May of 2005 the water was crystal clear and blue. Your friendly staff
helped me with several questions about the system's workings and are available readily by phone. I
just closed the pool for this year and I'm very happy with the ease of maintenance that I had all this

Thank you for fourteen years,

Kerry Viar
Roanoke, VA

Florida - 2018

"I have had pools in one form or another since 1978. I started of course with chlorine for sanitation and clarity in all my pools. I have always loved owning Labrador and Golden Retriever dogs. Of course my dogs loved to swim in the pool as much as possible, like all dogs do. The problem is they kept getting sick and they kept dying of - 3 dogs in a row, about 5-6 years of age: spleen cancer, bladder cancer and stomach tumors. I thought it was just coincidence at first, then bad luck or later thought it was just the sad price to pay when you had a dog and a pool, as you can't keep a dog out of a pool and you can't keep a pool clean without chlorine... or so I thought.

Then in 1996 I transitioned to a chemical free pool system with ECOsmarte. I was one of the early adopters when the company and technology were still new. I loved that there was proven science from the late 1960's NASA space program that now had a practical use for keeping the pool clear and clean. This was 20 years ago and the technology and design has advanced but at its core it is still largely the same. I still use the ECOsmarte system today. The pool always stays clear and clean and it is easy for me to manage. The best benefit though is my last Lab swam in the pool almost every day and lived a fantastic 14 years. My current dog is 10 years old and still swims in the pool almost every day. I highly recommend ECOsmarte to all my friends and family today as much or more than I did 20 years ago. It just plain works and I know I am making the healthiest choice I can for what I expose my family to (with or without fur). Thank you ECOsmarte!"

-Bill Cushing, owner of Cushing Pools

San Diego, CA

Dear ECOsmarte,

I absolutely LOVE my Chlorine Free pool!!! And all my friends think its fabulous too. Especially one of my friends that has an allergic reaction to chlorinated pool water. She loves to swim in mine.

I have used my ECOsmarte system for 3 pool seasons now and have became spoiled by it - I don't think I would care to swim in any chlorinated pool now!

Thank you so much for a great system and for the replacement copper plate offer.

Brenda Graham
San Diego, California

Western Kentucky

My ECOsmarte system has been wonderful to work with. My pool water has been clear for six years now. Once the system is learned no one should have any trouble, that is if they follow the instructions. I am 72 years old and if I can do it, anyone can.


George Marov
Western KY


We have been extremely pleased with how your product has worked over those years. No chlorine burn to the eyes, no being held hostage to the pool by having to check the chemicals daily. It is really a worthwhile investment. As a former student at Bemidji, 1968, I learned that great things came from Minnesota.

Jeffrey Draleigh

Cape Coral, Florida

The nice folks at Pinch-A-Remy have a hard time believing my 24 year old pool has never had a drop of chlorine, bromine and bacquacil. We bought your system in 1994 when we were moving here from Ohio and we could not be happier. We are thousands of dollars ahead at this point and everyone loves our water.

Ray Demczyk
Cape Coral, FL

New York Pool

I have owned my Ecosmarte pool ionization system now for about 10 years. As a natural doctor and nutritionist, I would like to say how pleased I am to have such a great alternative to the extremely toxic chlorine systems that most people are using with their pools. I have seen first hand how chlorine can totally effect people's health in bad way. It is so nice to have a beautiful, crystal clear pool that my children can enjoy without the fear of them getting irritated, uncomfortable and most importantly ill from the long term effects of chlorine exposure. I know that there are other options out there, but I am so glad that I chose to work with Ecosmarte.  I have not had a single issue with my unit since I have owned it. When we send it back for regular maintenance,  the fees are always extremely reasonable and the service is outstanding! Every time I call them with a question they go out of their way to assist me, even if it is not going to benefit them financially. Nowadays, that is extremely uncommon. Thank you Ecosmarte for offering such an outstanding product and amazing service to go along with it!

Dr. Shirley
Oneonta, NY

23 Years Minnesota Testimonial - 1994 to 2017

We have had our ECOsmarte system for 23 years and could not be happier. We tried Chlorine (which was harsh), and Baquacil (which smelled terrible), and then we heard about ECOsmarte. The system has worked perfectly and out grandchildren love the water because it doesn't sting their eyes. I highly recommend ECOsmarte.

Bonnie Glad
Bloomington, MN

Florida Pool

Hello! My name is Erika Quezada. I am writing to you to let you know how much we love my Ecosmarte pool filtration system! The water is so pure you can feel it. My husband, two kids and I live in beautiful sunny Florida and on very humid and hot summer days the water just feels light and refreshing which I attribute to the lack of chemicals floating in the water. pool water feels as if you are swimming in a natural spring. Theres no harsh chemicals to worry about, which is a must with my little ones eczema and my dry skin. Even after a few hours of pool time theres no chlorine or salty sticky feeling or smell radiating from me or the pool. My kids, 2 and 5, love to swim and can spend hours in the water and I have peace of mind that its ok because the water is free of chlorine and other harsh chemicals plus their little eyes are never irritated, that alone is worth it.

We've had the Ecosmarte pool filtration system for over 9 months now and not once did I have to add any chemicals to it or call for pool maintenance. My pool water stayed clean all winter and now spring, I want to say that it has already paid itself! The convenience of self serving system my pool is always ready for use, we saved for sure about $ 1,200 in pool maintenance not to mention about $ 600 in chemicals depending on the weather sometimes its more and this is only in one years time. My husband said it was a straight forward installation following the instructions provided in less than half an hour the Ecosmarte was installed, so that means I probably saved about $ 2,000 in expensive pool plumber installation. I took some pictures to show how our Ecosmarte is installed on our pool for real life reference.

We recommend the Ecosmarte pool system to anyone you won't regret it! Thank you Ecosmarte for caring,

Erika Quezada
Largo, FL

Texas 2017

My partner and I live in El Paso County.   The water is ok but nothing compared to the  water from the Purity Bay water filtration system we purchased from your  company.  I have bottled water straight  from my sink.  No more having to buy  bottles which not only pollute our planet but cost a lot of money.  Also no more carrying those heavy and bulky 5  gallon containers to put on the water cooler which is a quite difficult task  might I add.

Not only am I drinking pure clean good tasting water but at  the same time I am saving a lot of shelf space in the fridge and pantry from  having to store bottled water and the 5 gallon containers (I had 6 of  them).  The fact that the water is super  clean it allows me to rinse all my fruits and vegetables straight of the sink  making every dollar that I spend on organic veggies worth it.

Everyone that has come into my kitchen has been served  delicious water from my sink and has loved it! I couldn’t be happier with the Reverse Osmosis in my kitchen.

We are also enjoying the water everywhere else in the  home.  Our product consumption has been  greatly reduced due to the fact that we no longer need to use so much shampoo,  conditioner, etc.  One small drop the  size of a dime will do.  I have really  long hair, so another savings here.

My French bulldog has skin allergies and we have to use  special shampoo which is rather expensive and I’ve noticed the consumption here  has been drastically reduced as well.

We are really happy with this financial investment we  made.   It’s one of those investments  that will last you a lifetime and those are rare.

Aside from purchasing the Purity Bay water filter system we  also purchased the Ecosmarte system for both our hot tub and swim spa and boy  let me tell you, if I thought the Purity Bay filter was the best investment  ever this completely doubles that.  It is  like swimming in bottled water.  It’s  like nothing I've ever experienced in my life.  I no longer have to be adding endless amounts of chlorine, shock, water  clear etc.  Actually I don’t have to add  nothing at all.  Just like that the water  stays SUPER clean and NO chemical smells what so ever. The amount of money I  will be saving here will pay for the Ecosmarte in no time.

I highly recommend the Ecosmarte system to any hot tub, swim  spa or pool owner.  This system gets 5  stars plus….  Overall we are one  happy-happy customer.   To anyone who  reads this I say, investing in cleaner water is the best decision you will make  in your life, your body is about 60% water and your skin is your largest organ,  therefore treating it with high quality water is the best thing you can do.

S. Marquez
El Paso, TX

San Francisco 2014

Dear ECOsmarte,  

After 30+ years of adding chlorine, acid, shock and other chemicals to my pool, I decided to redo the pool and all the equipment. This made me think of how I could make caring for the pool easier and less toxic. Storing the chemicals was a big issue to me. After research I thought a salt pool would be the way to go. My wife pointed out how the salt water might not be good for her plants around the pool. Further research made me aware of ECOsmarte’s no chemical system. This really appealed to me. It solved my chemical issues and automated the process to work hand in hand with the new efficient pool equipment.  We have found the water to be much more pleasant to be in and with an almost soft feeling to the skin. In any case when the grandkids have their swim parties they love the water. The settings on the microcontroller are set and only need to be adjusted as the seasons change if you’re not lucky enough to be located in the San Francisco Bay area. The basic maintenance is refilling the CO2 canister periodically for pH control and testing the pool water once a week to be sure all is OK.  Thank you.

Gary McDonald
San Francisco, CA

Tennessee Pool

Hello!  We have had an EcoSmarte system installed inour in-ground pool for several years now and are extremely satisfied with the results.  We are currently in the process of selling our home and areusing the system as a prime selling feature.  It is incredible theresponse we have received from prospective buyers looking for alternatives tothe same old chemical filled pool.  Some are believers, while others aremore skeptical.  In any case it's hard to argue that a crystal clear poolis 'dirty".  Throw in the minimal yearly investmentin required chemicals and those skeptics start to listen.  Soon theybegin asking why everyone doesn't go this route.  We have loved the systemand anyone who has ever swam in our pool know how great it is to not beingcovered in toxic chemicals.  Many of our friends children have had theirfirst swim in our pool because of the nice chemical free water.  Anyway,my wife and I are "sold" on the benefits of the system and haveexperienced it's premier performance for several years.  Infact, after our son was born last October, there wasn't anyhesitation in having him join us in the pool on every occasionpossible.  We are very much interested in spreading the benefits of theEcoSmarte system and would like to know more about becoming a dealer ofyour products.  Please send us some more information ASAP. We are located in the East TN area, both highly motivated individuals, and aretrue believers that alternatives to the norm are both best for you and theright choice.  We're just looking to keep sharing the means to behealthier.       

Thank you,

Andy Todd
Staff Engineer

Connecticut Pool - 1996

Dear ECOsmarte,

I have been using ECOsmarte water conditioning systems for my household water and for my swimming pool for four months now and would like to report back to you that I am extremely pleased with both systems.          

My household water is supplied from a well and has moderately hard water. I have had to use a conventional water softener for the last fifteen years, constantly lugging heavy bags of salt to my basement to keep the unit operating. Even with the water softener, my sinks, faucets, and water heater had calcium build-up to the point where two of my toilets filled extremely slow. Within one month after installing the ECOsmarte system in my home, my toilets began filling normally and the scale on the faucets and shower heads disappeared. The bonus was the water felt softer. It was like magic.          

As for the pool system, having a chlorine free pool is amazing. My wife has very sensitive eyes and was constantly irritated by the chlorine. Since installing the ECOsmarte system, my maintenance costs have dropped to almost nothing. I still go to the pool every morning thinking there is something I must do. It's hard to break old habits.          

Please use my name as a reference for your products. You've got a winner!          


Michael Amato
Greenwich, CT

ECOsmarte Note: We were also fortunate to treat his commercial building!

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