International Pool Testimonials

2019 | Mexico | Pool

My ECOsmarte pool purification is wonderful. I’ve had to add chemicals only twice to deal with algae but otherwise great. Photo below!


Dede Whiteside

Customer's Pool

Kuranda, Australia | Pool

I have recently installed an ECOsmarte swimming pool system for my pool. I’ve installed it myself which did not pose any problems. I’ve also taken advantage of the occasion to clean my pool filter and changed the filter media from sand to Zeolite, which is supposed to have better filtration qualities.

I’ve been enjoying my pool since then. The water looks crystal clear, so much so that I actually tasted it. It tastes good and I’ve noticed that the local wildlife like kookaburras and kingfishers jumps in there as well to take a bath every now and then. This did not happen while I had my old salt chlorinated pool. I’ve invited quite a few friends over to swim in the pool and they’ve all remarked on the softness of the water on their skin and the absence of stinging of the eyes. A little bit of algae growth on the west side of my pool has disappeared after the first day as well.

Maintenance means that I have to keep the parameters (pH, copper, and calcium) within the boundaries, but that doesn’t take up much time, a weekly test does the job, and depending on the results I might have to adjust them a bit. The pump has to run for only 3 hours compared to the 8 to 10 hours I was used to.

Noel Graham

Kuranda, Australia

2014 | Northwest Territories Australia | Pool

We love the fact that our child with a chlorine allergy can now enjoy swimming in our ECOsmarte chemical-free plunge pool at our home in Australia!

Maureen & Paul Heron

Customer's small pool/spa

Kewarra Beach, Australia | Pool

Dear Sir,

We recently installed an ECOsmarte water treatment system on our swimming pool at Kewarra Beach, just north of Cairns in far north Queensland.

Tropical conditions in our area place significant stress on any water treatment system, but we greatly prefer to swim in water that does not contain chlorine or salt – both having their place, but that’s definitely not in our pool or on us! In particular, we don’t like swimming in chlorinated water, as the unpleasant chlorine odor tends to linger long after the swim. How can that be good for you?

Previously, we had an ionizing water treatment system for our pool, but it required periodic “shock” treatment to remove developing algae, particularly during summer.

ECOsmarte requires no sanitation chemicals. That’s what appealed to us. Of course, there is the routine check for water pH “balance”-but that’s a sensible job required with every pool, to ensure an effective and healthy operating system.

With ECOsmarte, our pool water is good enough to drink – in fact, we’ve tried it. So, too, have the local bird life, and we now have daily visits from kingfishers, kookaburras, and many more.

The ECOsmarte water purification system on our pool has so impressed us, that we have now installed one on our home water supply. We’re enjoying the difference, with crystal clear, chemical-free water that tastes like – real water.


Allan & Cynthia

Kewarra Beach


2014 | Australia | Pool

My first contact with the ECOsmarte products and technologies has been on the Cairns Tradeshow when I walked into the ECOsmarte-booth. What initially attracted me was the combination of technologies, the copper ionization, and platinum oxidation. In my youth, in Germany, the old people used to wear copper bands around their arms for protection against illnesses and I had heard about research being done in Germany about the beneficial effects of the same principles.

So I acquired a Turbo pool system for my swimming pool. Until now I used to have a saltwater pool but really did not like the effect of the chlorine in the water.

I’ve put in the system myself, a breeze to install and switched it on. One of the problems I had with my old setup was some green algae on the waterfall above the pool. To test the effectiveness of this system I plugged the overflow of my pool, filled the pool to the maximum water level, and waited for the algae to become visible. I then turned the system to ionization for 4 hours and watched the algae disappear at almost the same time. The next day there was no trace of any algae whatsoever which to me proved beyond any doubt that the system actually works. Since then I have crystal clear water in my pool, very nice to swim in.

Edgar Haring

FNQ, Australia

Athens, Greece | Pool - Since 1999

Dear Sir,

I am using the ECOsmarte system for 5 years now and I am very satisfied.

Thank you,

D. Haramidopoulos

Athens, Greece

Customer's Pool

2012 | Hungary | Pool

Hungary becomes ECOsmarte's 113th Country with this indoor pool running without salt or any sanitation chemicals. Carbon Dioxide pH control- the first in the country!

Customer's Pool

Glyfada, Greece | Pool

This past summer we completed building our home in Glyfada, Greece, which includes a pool and a Jacuzzi.  We wanted a filtering system for a pool that would enable us to avoid the odor of chlorine used in virtually every pool we have ever used, as chlorine is not only toxic, sometimes causes a burning sensation in the eyes, but also requires you to often wait for hours or even days after inserting the chlorine before it is safe to use the pool.  And on top of all that, chlorine systems are expensive and require at least weekly service by a pool technician which makes pool maintenance one of the highest expenses of home-ownership.

After searching the internet for an alternative to chlorine, we came upon the ECOsmarte system which does not use any chemicals to cleanse the water.  Many of the pool contractors we talked to who install pools in Greece were skeptical of the promises made in your advertising, but upon evaluating carefully your literature and talking to our mechanical engineers who helped evaluate ECOsmarte products with us we decided to take a chance.  I am happy to report that not only was the installation done in half the time it would take to install a chlorine-based system, but it was less expensive than a chlorine system, and, above all, provides us with a crystal clear pool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we can jump in any time and know the pool is clean and safe.  A big advantage of ECOsmarte is that we don’t need a pool maintenance technician more than once a month, who can run through the routine of checking the system and cleaning out the filters in a half-hour or less and doesn’t put anything in the pool to keep it clean.  No more storage space for chlorine and other chemicals. Everyone who has seen our pool and gone swimming in it is amazed at how clean and clear the water is, and are delighted to know that they are swimming in 100% healthy and clean water.  We hope you can spread the news of our experience to others so that more people can enjoy the benefits of ECOsmarte.  


Mark Mamakos

2012 | Ontario, Canada | Pool

We absolutely love our system, it is so easy to maintain, and up in Canada, we are always sending relatives and friends when they go on holidays in the States to buy the copper bars or the LaMotte Test Kit, but we have bought the copper bars from your website, and it is time again to have them in stock for next year. The pool is crystal clear, the steps are brilliant white, and the system is flawless, we enjoy our pool without the mess of chlorine or salt.

The dog loves drinking the water and I water my tomatoes with the pool water on hot days.

All the best,

Joe and Kathy Perino

Ontario, Canada

Customer's Pool

Mar Menor, Spain | Pool

I have been very pleased with our ECOsmarte over the 2 Years that I have happily owned it.

It has benefited us in many ways. I think you could say the money part of the deal is best of all, we spend very little money on it yearly. This in return gives us more money to do the things we love like going on holiday. Speaking of which, when we are gone for weeks at a time we don't have to worry about our pool. We also like the idea that there are no chemicals, and this means no dry, itchy skin, no burning red eyes, and no smell.

It is also a very healthy way to swim. As I'm sure you know chlorine is a cancer-causing chemical.

Paul and Mary

Mar Menor, Spain

2011 | San Juan, Trinidad, W.I. | Pool

I am writing to express how much our company is pleased with the ECOsmarte systems we have installed. York Garments Ltd. has worked with your system in our restaurant, Trader Jack, and our villa, over the past two years, and ECOsmarte's system is truly the best.

The system is reliable, easy to service, and has provided clean clear water for our indoor fish pond at our restaurant where we have Koi fish which grew from very young fish (1 inch in size) to well over 8 to 12 inches.

When considering the cost, the product is surprisingly affordable as it requires very little maintenance.

We have two other systems installed at our villa in Tobago, one for the villa and the other one for the pool (about 30,000 gallons). They have both performed flawlessly.

Furthermore, thank you for your very quick and responsive support in providing the replacement control panel for the housing unit after we suffered a major power surge from our power company, which damaged several of the appliances in the villa, including the ECOsmarte unit.

It is always a pleasure to work with companies that go the extra mile when supporting the products they sell.

Our board of directors agrees that we will not consider any other brand of water purification system again. Thank you for developing such a quality product.

Michael Achim


York Garments Ltd.

San Juan, Trinidad, W.I.

Mijas, Spain | Pool

I have really enjoyed having the ECOsmarte system.

It really is nice not to have to worry about chemicals! I stopped by the pool store today and overheard several customers talking about how much work they had to do in order to get their water right for swimming. I just laughed and told them mine had been clean all winter without much effort.

Hopefully, they'll wake up and buy an ECOsmarte system and be worry-free.


Mijas, Spain

Alicante, Spain | Pool

We just LOVE your system for our pool! We have a fairly new liner & it is staying the pretty color that it is & not bleaching out from chemicals. My wife is extremely allergic to some chemicals & this prevents her from swimming in a lot of pools. With your system, there is no problem. It is easy to maintain. We can go away and we don't have to worry about our pool turning bad.


Bill and Linda

Alicante, Spain

Cordoba, Spain | Pool

I installed the ECOsmarte system in less than an hour.

From the day it was installed our pool has been crystal clear with virtually no chemical additives. I added one gallon of muriatic acid to adjust the pH and since that time I haven't added anything to the pool. Our pool is so clear and chemical-free, our two children almost refuse to swim in our friends’ pools that are chlorinated. They hate the smell and that chlorinated water does to their hair. I estimate that the ECOsmarte system will save me over $600 a season in chemicals and reduce my pumping time by 50%.

I don't understand why every swimming pool does not come equipped with the ECOsmarte system when the pool is installed. It is one of the best investments I have ever made.


Cordoba, Spain

Nerja, Spain | Pool

I am writing to tell you and everyone at ECOsmarte how much I enjoy your product.

Having a chlorine-free pool is amazing. I can backwash the pool and let the water go on the garden without having to worry about the chlorine killing the grass. I have a fiberglass pool and with your system maintenance is almost nothing. Everyone that I know that has had a pool without your system hates all the work of adding chlorine. I have had three other friends get your system for their pools after swimming in mine.


Nerja, Spain

2008 - 2011 | Christchurch Earthquake Survivor | Pool

Three years old, damaged by the Canterbury Earthquake, but the ECOsmarte system still working perfectly, and giving us “clean “ water to swim in!

Customer's Pool

2011 | Raymore, Saskatchewan, Canada | Well Water 2011-2024

Our water had a very high mineral content. All of my dishes were getting such a discolored film on them that I was embarrassed to use them for the company. I replaced my dishwasher because I thought it was not working properly, but the new one was staining and ugly within a few weeks. My tubs and toilets just would not come clean. I cringed every time David turned on the shower because it meant hours of scrubbing.

What a difference now. We installed the ECOsmarte Water System in mid-April 2011 and I have not scrubbed since. There are no stains and no film build-up and no smell to the water. A quick wipe keeps things clean and shiny. Even my clothes are cleaner. You would wonder how they would hold a film layer.

I would not hesitate to recommend the ECOsmarte Water System to anyone if it keeps working as it has so far.

Thanks to Reg Derdall, Advanced Pure Water Systems.

Judy and David Focht

Raymore, Saskatchewan

2010 | Playa de Carma, Mexico | Pool

I am writing to you to again express my satisfaction on your automated chemical-free pool system. As you know I have successfully operated your Turbo pool and Well water home system at our main house in Mn now for twelve years. I also thank you for suggesting three years ago I purchase the automated system with carbon dioxide ph control and Spanish language on the swimming pool system for our vacation home in Mexico. I can’t say enough good things about these products, so simple my housekeeper runs the pool.

Scott Uram

Playa de Carma Mexico and Ham Lake MN

Topsham, UK | Pool

As it is now almost four months since you installed the ECOsmarte system at Topsham Pool, and we are nearly at the end of our season, I thought now is a good time to update you on our progress so far.

We are delighted with the result. The water is really crystal clear and a joy to swim in and is just like swimming in bottled water -no more complaints of stinging eyes or costumes losing their colour. In fact, we have not had a single complaint about the pool water this year.

As you know, we are a privately owned 25 x 10-meter pool open to the general public. Since you installed ECOsmarte we have had approximately 35,000 swimmers to the pool and it is amazing the

number of people that have commented on the quality of the water. The most asked question is "How do you manage to keep your pool water so good?" One couple told me that they had traveled all over the world and had never had a swim in the pool water so good.

At our busiest time, on a good sunny day when the pool is crowded all day, the water quality stays the same. We don't have the cloudy effect after a heavy bathing load that we used to get when dosing with chlorine.

I would just add that all the committee are more than pleased with the results of ECOsmarte it was money very well spent. I would have no hesitation in recommending ECOsmarte in any future installations.

Kind Regards,

Cyril Harrison, President

Topsham Swimming Pool

United Kingdom

Athens, Greece | Pool

After 4 years, I still love my ECOsmarte.


Customer's Pool

2010 | Turkey | Pool

We have been using ECOsmarte systems in our swimming pools, drinking water inside our home, and also in the irrigation system in our fruit garden and all green areas in our gardens(45,000 sq feet) for 6 months. I do not want to talk about the excellent results in our swimming pools without using any chemicals with the programmable system with Carbon Dioxide. or the healthy drinkable water from the taps and the amazing additive value to our budgets. We are using mountain water, municipal water, and Artesian water at the same time. I want to talk about our fruits and flowers in our garden. Before we do not use the ECOsmarte system in our garden, we have a Mediterranean type of invective disease in our oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits leave. The fungus is another problem regarding the green areas. As the other garden owners do, we use some chemical sprays and bug killers. We could not get the exact solution to prevent this type of disease. After we use the ECOsmarte system in our irrigation water we have been observing that this type of disease decreasing day by day at the same time we can observe the quality, amount, and taste of our fruits now. We do not see any type of fungus in our soil and in green areas. Wetter water is another benefit. We decreased the sprinkle irrigation time now. Many thanks to ECOsmarte.

Cahit Akalin


2010 | Bogota, Colombia | Pool

As you know I was so pleased with your turbo swimming pool system over the last three years I created ECOsmarte of Columbia as well as starting sales and installations of both the turbo and automated swimming pool systems through my nephew in the Dominican Republic. We are planning our first well water and commercial sites and bringing your green and healthy products to our countries.

German "Tutu" Mejia


Customer's Pool

2006 | Golden Bay, New Zealand | Pool

I checked the pool today and it is running beautifully and as clear as a bell, everything running very steady. One of the people in charge of the pool monitoring told me he is extremely impressed at how little chlorine is needed to keep the levels between 0.5 ppm to 1.0 ppm with an average chlorine reading of 0.5017857 ppm over a two week period.

They have cut their chlorine consumption by a huge amount: I will be able to get an exact figure over a longer period than 2 weeks but just in comparison: they used to use one drum of mixed chlorine every few days now their present drum ¾ full after three weeks of use so it will be interesting to see how long this drum will last at this rate.

Brad, Water Care Naturally

December 2006

Golden Bay New Zealand

2006 | Alberta, Canada | Pool

Dear ECOsmarte,

Thought you should know that all of the Folks on the 1-800 telephone support line have been terrific. I live in Harrow Ontario, about 25 miles south of the Detroit-Windsor border. As you know, we are in the acid rain center of the world. Anyway, being a new ECOsmarte owner, I am pleased to let you know that we are very happy with our system. We have purchased the Automatic ECOsmarte system with the Carbon Dioxide injection to be used with our new in-ground pool. We also implemented a Glass Filtration system. Upon opening our new vinyl lined pool with a new cement patio all around it, we had cement dust and colorant in the pool which adds up to a very dirty pool opening. Within days, the pool was clear.

Later in the summer, July 29th we had a family pool party. The pool was crystal dear that day and at the end of the day, with 40 people in the pool, the water had turned quite milky. I called Jeremy for advice the following day. He suggested that I could add 4 pounds of shock, or could just leave it for the day and let the system do the work. I opted to leave It and let the Eco Smarts do the work. The result is a clear pool the following day.

Many of our relatives and friends who have been in the pool have commented that "This is the nicest pool they have ever been in." In fact, my son told me to never ever go back to chemical water treatment because there is nothing nicer to swim in than pure water.

Our family doctor, Dr. Thomas Barnard referred me to ECOsmarte. I told him that we were having a new in-ground pool installed and he immediately told me about ECOsmarte and that it is the only way to go. He has an ECOsmarte pool and Hot tub. He stated that chlorine is a known carcinogen and we should stay out of it.

With all this being said, thanks to you, your telephone support staff, and ECOsmarte. We look forward to another Crystal Clear summer of pool water.


Allen Fox

Ontario, Canada

2003 |Canada | Pool

I purchased the ECOsmarte this year for our in-ground pool. After reading it in an advertisement, I was curious. Not using chlorine sounded great. After learning more from the dealer, I was convinced to try it on the 60-day money-back guarantee.

There was a difference. The water made our skin softer and the children enjoyed the water without chlorine. They stayed in longer and didn't mind opening their eyes. Even my son's friends at the ages of 10 commented on the chlorine-free water. My daughter started bringing goggles to her friend's pool because of the chlorine. In the beginning, it was a chance to get used to the system. I phoned the toll-free number and the service was always friendly and helpful. When the 60-days was coming to an end, the choice was obvious. My wife and I decided to keep it. Our children were enjoying their swim and in the long run, it is better for our health.

Thank You,

The Camick Family

Toronto, Ontario