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November 2008 | Hawaii | Vanishing Edge

It's refreshing to finally purchase a product that does exactly what it advertises and works perfectly!


Chemical-free and salt-free vanishing edge pool installed in Hawaii

May 2008 | Minneapolis, MN, USA

Doughboy 5 YEAR Testimonial

David and Maria Womble
Andover, MN

Chemical and salt free pool in Minnesota

May 2008 | Texas, USA

We really like the chemical-free system from ECOsmarte.
Our eyes do not get irritated as in Chlorine pools and there are not any chemical odors.
Our skin actually feels fresh and not dried out.

Thanks, Brent Banker
Lumberton, TX

Chemical-free salt-free home swimming pool in Lumberton, Texas

May 2006 | North Carolina, USA

Dear Mr. Johnson:

I am writing to let you know how much our family loves our swimming pool since we purchased the ionic water purification system from ECOsmarte. We live in Central Pennsylvania and have an 18ft. x 36 ft. in the ground pool of twenty seven years. During this period of time we have tried several methods of water purification. We started with and used chlorine (HTH) for thirteen years and then switched to baquacil for four years and finally in 1996 we purchased the ionic purification system from ECOsmarte which we are currently using and like very much. The great thing about the ionic purification system is that once you get your water chemistry in balance there is very little work to maintaining a picture perfect pool. More important is the fact that this system provides you pure water without any toxic chemicals and at the same time saves you the expense of those chemicals. In addition, the ionic system uses very little electricity so it is inexpensive to operate. After using all three methods of purifying our pool water I would recommend the ionic purification system by ECOsmarte over all the other methods. You can't beat this system with all the advantages it has to offer.
Thank you.

Roger Guss.

Chemical, chlorine, and salt free pool in North Carolina