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Residual Bacteria Control

Process or Full Facility Water
Works with all water treatment strategies

Ionization, Hydrogen Peroxide and proper filtration.

For over 20 years ECOsmarte has been controlling bacteria, virus, mold and scale in numerous applications using proprietary ionization and advanced oxidation technology. We control ionization and hydrogen peroxide generation at higher flow rates than any system worldwide.

ECOsmarte often works best as part of a redundant strategy with ionic copper compatible with nearly all water treatment approaches. The ECOsmarte water has an elevated dissolved oxygen level, a low level active ionic copper, optional carbon dioxide pH control and is generally configured with specific filtration. Our engineering people have multi-year sites ranging from 10 GPM to 1200 GPM.

NASA Apollo satellite

ECOsmarte uses NASA inspired technology from the point-of-entry to the point-of-use.

Setup of the ECOsmarte system used on a golf course

ECOsmarte often begins with a FULL FACILITY APPROVAL for Legionella Prevention