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Community Well Water System

Community Wells and small water districts present two options for delivering premium water to each property.

If holding tanks or firewater reserve is required read this regarding preventing algae and mold.

OPTION ONE: Central Treatment

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Installation Diagrams:

2 - 3 Houses
30 GPM

4 - 9 Houses
60 GPM

10 - 19 Houses
90 GPM

Nigeria Community Well
Quad irrigation system delivering 12,000 gallons per day in Nigeria. System to 40,000 Gallons per day and 75 GPM. Requires quote.
Many states require chlorine injection which will be fully removed with ECOsmarte Option One.

Our Product Has Multiple Uses and Fits Any Community Well

ECOsmarte well water system set up

Foreign Embassy in Washington D.C., 30, 000 sq. ft. and 12 bathrooms. Fly-in mechanical installation available.

Community Well water system, pipe set up

Community Well in Holland, MI.

ECOsmarte well water system set up

12, 000 GDP Community well for borehole in Lagos, Nigeria. Coverage for mechanical installs in Western Africa and Western Canada. Full East coast Midwest in the U.S.

Well water system diagram

Available in 1" and 1-1/2" valves onlyServices 8000 sq. ft., 8 baths, 1 acre, pop up, mist or drip irrigation.

NOTE:  The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by ECOsmarte's Water Treatment Systems are not necessarily in your water.

Install Video

Vashon Island, WA

OPTION Two: Every House

Water is treated at each individual residence with a package discount on both equipment and installation for the multiple property purchase.

The treatment at each property is required for lack of flow on some smaller applications or lack of maintenance personnel on installations larger than 20 homes.

We do have community well histories serving 450 residents at 90 GPM maximum flow.

Call1-612-866-1200 to talk your application over with a filtration expert with your specifications.

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