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Whole House Systems

Oxygenated and ionized. ECOsmarte has a no salt, no chemical
Whole House drinking water system for both city water and well water.

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City Water

The best chemical removal technology on the planet. Ask us about the gases that normally pass through carbon filters... The best no salt softener on the market.

Well Water

The non-salt, non-chemical approach to heavy metals, groundwater chemicals, and bacteria. ETL testing will eliminate many contaminants without salt.

Rainwater Purification

ECOsmarte offers residual bacteria control on all cisterns or holding tank applications.

Community Well

Controlling heavy metals, hardness, or chemicals from small developments to villages with bore water. Much more than a non-salt purifier.

Science Summary

Bicarbonates, bacterial kills, soft oxidation and NASA-inspired ionization.

EPA ETL Testing

The 150 item test for heavy metals, chemicals, and bacteria is part of the ECOsmarte quality guarantee on every well water system. Factory furnished accessories for arsenic and nitrate at no cost.

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