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Non-Chemical, Non-Salt, Non-Chlorine Pool Systems

Looking for a Salt System? Good thing you haven't bought one yet.

Why Buy A Saltwater Pool System To Generate Chlorine?

Eliminate: Offensive Chemical Odors, Handling Chemicals, and Damage To Pool Equipment

Get Your Family Out of Toxic Chemicals by switching to ECOsmarte

A cell for a non chemical generating pool.

Why Choose our Salt-Free System?

  • Chemical-Free: Chlorine free and salt free technology
  • Longevity: Lasts 7-15 years compared to 2-3 of Salt Cells
  • Energy Efficiency: Utilizes 4 Watts compared to the hefty 400 Watts of traditional salt and 4 UV systems
  • Warranty: 5 year warranty - surpassing competitors' average of just 2 years
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our system ensures your pool deck remains freefrom corrosion and will help improve your grass, unlike salt systems that pose a threat to both.
Celebrating 30 years of business.
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Automated Programmable pool system being used. ECOsmarte turbo pool system installed with a Hayward filter.

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Salt Water For Pools

Standard or Small
Pool System

Standard Pool to 10,000 Gallons

You select "IONIZE" or "OXIDIZE." Generates low DC voltage amperage to electrodes. Unit remains in oxidize always, unless copper ppm falls below 0.4 ppm.

The ideal system for a small pool.


Up to 10,000 Gallons

Full 5 years warranty

110v or 220v

4 Watts DC

1.5" or 50 mm

Free 24/7 Cloud Support

Pool Manager Kit Included

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Spring Water Pool

Standard Turbo
Pool System

Standard Turbo to 50,000 Gallons

You select "IONIZE" or "OXIDIZE." Generates low DC voltage amperage to electrodes. Unit remains in oxidize always, unless copper ppm falls below 0.4 ppm.

Works with all in-ground pools.


Up to 50,000 Gallons

Full 5 year warranty

110v or 220v

4 Watts DC

2.0" or 63 mm

Free 24/7 Cloud Support

Pool Manager Kit Included

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Spring Water Swimming Pool

Automated Digital Programmable Pool System

Programmable Pool System to 50,000 Gallons*
(with optional extra cell)

Digital display to fully automate your ECOsmarte® Pool with CO²pH Control. *Higher daily bather loads require additional equipment.

Installs to 50,000 gallons.


Up to 50,000 Gallons

Full 5 year warranty

110v or 220v

4 Watts DC

2.0" or 63 mm

Free 24/7 Cloud Support

Pool Manager Kit Included

CO2 pH Control

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No. 1 Salt Chlorine Alternative

The signs of bleached hair, parched skin, and irritated eyes serve as warning signals for the detrimental health and environmental consequences linked with chemical water treatments. Opting for a salt chlorine generator not only introduces unhealthy levels of sodium but also releases chlorine gas into the environment.

Transitioning to an ECOsmarte pool not only safeguards your family's health but also contributes to the preservation of our planet by eliminating harmful chemicals and chloride backwash. Recognized as the premier chlorine alternative worldwide since 2017, we've observed a significant shift as more saltwater pools are reverting back to freshwater systems, indicative of the growing preference for safer and more eco-friendly water treatment solutions.

Salt Alternative Pool

Our System Pays for Itself

ECOsmarte® stands alone with the sole method capable of purifying your pool or spa without the use of chemicals, powered by a mere 4 Watts. Our  system operates at a cost of less than $1 per month, offering substantial electrical savings through reduced filtration requirements. In the event that your salt cell requires replacement, the investment in our ECOsmarte freshwater system is a wise choice, costing only half the price. With our unparalleled expertise, we excel in the seamless transition from salt chlorine generators to our advanced water purification.

After installing the ECOsmarte® 100% Chlorine-Free System, you'll enjoy substantial savings from eliminating chemical expenses. Our comprehensive support includes six months of toll-free assistance via 1-800-ION-SWIM (or 612-866-1200), complemented by a user-friendly interactive app accessible round-the-clock.

ECOsmarte's CO2 pH down solution minimizes pH adjustments, reducing the need for additional pH up treatments. Say goodbye to toxic chlorine, bromine, bacquacil, or acid—they're no longer necessary. Our system effortlessly pays for itself over time, saving you from chemical expenses and protecting against equipment damage caused by chemical or salt corrosion. Additionally, our CO2 solution effectively buffers pH levels, even during acid rains, drastically reducing the need for pH adjusters within the first three weeks.

No Chemical Swimming Pool

Owner in Costa Rica has been clear for the first four years.
Indonesian stone.

Above Ground and Standard Pools

Above Ground ECOsmarte PoolSmall above ground pool.Small above ground pool.Small above ground pool.

ECOsmarte® Bottled Water Spa and Hot Tub Systems

Photo courtesy of Maine Cedar Hot Tubs.
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Breakthrough Technology. Simple and Effective.

ECOsmarte takes a proven technology one step further by revolutionizing water treatment, completely eliminating the need for chemical shocking or the addition of toxic staining silver to your water. Our technology surpasses traditional chemical treatments and outperforms any other alternative methods available on the market. In addition to pioneering advanced pool purification products and rooftop cooling systems, ECOsmarte has emerged as a market leader in agricultural and well water treatment, all without the use of salt or chemicals.

We've innovated the use of carbon dioxide based on aquarium industry principles to eliminate acid as a pH down solution. ECOsmarte's unique approach generates active oxygen, quantifiable as dissolved oxygen in the main pool, ready to neutralize substances like uric acid and suntan oil. Unlike conventional ionizers, UV, and ozone systems, our solution leaves behind residual oxidizers in the pool, negating the need for weekly or daily chlorine treatments.

Silver-based ionizers can cause unsightly photographic stains when exposed to sunlight and introduce harmful toxins to both pool water and the environment. Compare ECOsmarte with other treatment methods here.


No Regular Chemicals to the Swimming Pool or Spa
You will eliminate:
1. Toxic chemicals
2. Health hazards
3. Offensive chemical odors
4. Damage to our environment
5. Damage to pool equipment
6. Green Hair
7. Shocking
8. Cyanuric Acid
9. Acid
10. Bleaching

Chlorine Alternative Pool
ECOsmarte cells use low DC voltage and last up to 20 years in Northern climates.

No Constant Introduction of Metals to Your Pool

You are always in the oxygen mode unless your water test tells you to flip a switch to ionize for one day, or your automated system programs the copper into your pool. NO constant introduction of Metal to your pool, NO silver to cause stains. Titanium (oxygen) electrodes is used 6-10 hours per day in pools, or whenever the spa pump runs by timer.

Easy to Install

Replaces 11" of PVC Pipe, on the return line of your pool, easy to install.

Automated CO2 pH System - ELIMINATES 90% of Acid

Automated Systems with CO2ph control available for Swimming Pools (In-ground and above ground) as well as spas. ECOsmarte® has perfected a timed based CO2 injection system that requires no sensors. The liquid CO2 tanks use carbonic acid which will also buffer the pH against acid rain.

ECOsmarte® Three Year Limited Warranty

ECOsmarte® warrants the entire water system (including tanks, electronics, flow switch and media) is free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use, service and conditions. All parts are F.O.B. factory.

ECOsmarte® Cloud

We provide free 24/7 Cloud Support. Wi-Fi enable - Phone, Tablet, or Desktop capable.

ECOsmarte® YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel shows a 5-minute installation on a 2-cylinder manifold as well as other helpful install and up-keep videos.

Check Out Our YouTube Channel

Get Free 24/7 Support on your ECOsmarte Pool System

Customer Service Representative Answering Phone Calls

Need a personal "pool trainer"? We're it! We have real people answering the phone for customer support 6 days per week. The best 24/7 interactive cloud support can give you immediate answers. IT'S ALL FREE.

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ECOsmarte System VS. Salt to Chlorine Generator

FIRST YEAR: An Average for a 24,000 gallon pool.

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Corrosion from salt or concrete deck, pump, ladders or pool light. Assumes no rock water features.
chlorine swimming pool vs salt generator ecosmarte
chlorine swimming pool vs salt generator


$1,500- $2,500
Ionic Copper/ Oxygen
Titanium/ Platinum
3,000-50,000 Gallons
10-20 Year Cell Life



Chlorine Gas
Titanium/ Ruthenium
3,000- 40,000 Gallons
2-3 Year Cell Life

FREE Pricing

24/7 Interactive Cloud Support.

Explore the comprehensive support tools we have for all of our products. Learn more about our system through our videos, documents, and interactive support.

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