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Removes Odors, Metals, and Bacteria

Holding Tank Water

Fill your tanks and guarantee crisp and safe water on every trip.

Holding tank water
stays pure for your yacht, diesel pusher, or RV. Premium quality water at each faucet regardless of where you “fill up”. This system will control the mold and bacteria in your holding tanks, plumbing lines and guaranteed portable and safe water with NASA.

All chemicals (chlorine, MTBE, other volatile organics) are banned from your vessel and the system operates with 250 milliamps of power. The annual maintenance takes 30 minutes.

Over 300 installation sites exist in North America and the backwashable filter tanks are sized for space available. The stainless steal tanks will remove odors and iron.

NASA inspired technology from three week Apollo missions gives residual bacteria control, superior to UV.

NEW Smaller Equipment Size for All
Motorhomes and Luxury Houseboats

Stainless steel ZERO Backwash System

NEW GENERATION - More Details Here

RV with ECOsmarte system installed ECOsmarte system installed in an RV

ECOsmarte well water systems fit nicely in MCI coach conversions. Fully back-washable or ZERO Backwash available.

Fresh water yacht

Skipperliner Freshwater yachts travel the Mississippi from Minneapolis all the way to New Orleans.

Can furnish premium showers and drinking water on the Great Lakes, Lake Mead or Lake Shasta. ECOsmarte can also serve as a non-salt pretreatment in saltwater RO or desalination environments.